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Push Button Starts

The EasyGO Smart Key System is a complete convenience, comfort, and security package for your vehicle. Designed to help make your life easier and offering protection for your vehicle. You can enter your vehicle with a touch of a button for easy comfort entry, and once inside your vehicle you can simply start the engine with a push of the Start button all without the use of a traditional key. You can remote engine start your vehicle from a comfortable distance to ensure the interior environment of your vehicle is set to a desired temperature. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle has a full security system for protection against vehicle theft. The EasyGO system will also lock your doors, roll up your windows, and arm the security system for you if you forget to do so. There's nothing else like it and you can't live without it. It simply makes your life easy.

  • Remote keyless to lock/unlock the doors
  • Engine immobilizer for theft protection
  • Dual stage unlocking safety function (Double Pulse Unlock)
  • Shock sensor to trigger alarm system
  • Built-in 4th Generation U.S. RFID chip
  • Advanced 64 bit anti-grabbing and rolling code technology
  • Utilizes vehicles' factory horn
  • Laser engraved factory type engine push Start/Stop button
  • Factory standard dual contact plated switch
  • Built with 30A automotive grade engine start component parts
  • LED illuminating light
  • OEM Paint Color Matched
  • Built-in lock/unlock keyless entry button
  • Press button to lock/unlock doors when Smart Key is within proximity
  • Chrome plated replacement door handle (Additional upgrade)
  • OEM paint color matched with chrome accent luxury replacement door handle (Additional upgrade)
  • Doors lock automatically after 30 seconds once the Smart Key is out of proximity
  • Vacuum plated aluminum button design
  • Polished chrome plated trimmed base
  • Built-in spare security key (Included Uncut - User's responsible for cutting keys to specific vehicle)
  • Programmable passcode keypad for alarm system arming and disarming
  • To start the vehicle engine if Smart Key is not functioning
  • Remote engine start ON or OFF
  • Start vehicle A/C system
  • Start vehicle heating system
  • Factory transmitter range: 200ft
  • Auto window roll-up after arming the system
  • Auto folding of side mirrors after arming of the system
  • Auto unfolding of side mirrors after disarming the system