Compustar PRO 1-WAY G8

1-Way remoteSpread SpectrumUp To 1 Mile Range

Long Distance with Sleek Design

The PRO 1-WAY G8 Security System uses Spread Spectrum Technology to communicate with your vehicle from up to 1-mile away. On top of that, this remote starter's high-powered antennas can resist natural, electronic, and structural interference.

Encased in a slim-designed remote, the 1-WAY G8 Security System is the perfect solution for adding a high-powered remote starter to your vehicle without adding bulk to your keychain.

Security Features

  • Lock


    Press the lock button to arm your security system and lock your doors.

  • Unlock


    Press the unlock button to access your vehicle and unlock your doors.

  • Siren


    Hold down the lock button for 2.5 seconds to trigger your Compustar Siren when testing your system or locating your vehicle.

  • Impact

    Shock Sensor:

    This system includes a dual-stage shock sensor which triggers the alarm siren when impact is detected.

  • Passive


    Automatically Arm/Lock your vehicle 30-seconds after you Unlock it.

  • Drive Lock

    Drive Lock:

    Prevents your vehicle from being driven as long as the Compustar Security System is armed.

  • Trunk


    Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk release button for 2.5 seconds.

Convenience Features

  • Valet Mode

    Valet Mode:

    Turn off security features/settings whenever you submit your vehicle for servicing or valet.

  • Aux Mode

    Aux Mode:

    Customize your Compustar security system to control features such as roll-down windows or turn on radio.

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