Compustar PRO 1-WAY G7

1-Way remoteSuper Heterodyne PLUSUp To 3000 ft.  Range
Standard Look, Premium Features

The PRO 1-WAY G7 Security System gives you the ability to secure your car from up to 3000 feet away. So whether you're at home or the office, you will always be within range of your vehicle.

The G7 remote features a durable casing that will resist drop impact and water damage. Even in tough conditions, your remote will be ready to arm your security system.

Ask your Compustar retailer for the following parts in order to add the PRO 1-WAY G7 Security System onto your vehicle:

  • RF-P1WG7-SP Remote Kit
  • FT-6300A-CONT Security System
  • Professional installation

Security Features

  • Lock


    Press the lock button to arm your security system and lock your doors.

  • Unlock


    Press the unlock button to access your vehicle and unlock your doors.

  • Siren


    Hold down the lock button for 2.5 seconds to trigger your Compustar Siren when testing your system or locating your vehicle.

  • Impact

    Shock Sensor:

    This system includes a dual-stage shock sensor which triggers the alarm siren when impact is detected.

  • Passive


    Automatically Arm/Lock your vehicle 30-seconds after you Unlock it.

  • Drive Lock

    Drive Lock:

    Prevents your vehicle from being driven as long as the Compustar Security System is armed.

  • Trunk


    Pop your trunk by holding the Trunk release button for 2.5 seconds.

Convenience Features

  • Valet Mode

    Valet Mode:

    Turn off security features/settings whenever you submit your vehicle for servicing or valet.

  • Aux Mode

    Aux Mode:

    Customize your Compustar security system to control features such as roll-down windows or turn on radio.

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